November 17, 2021

Euronet launches Dandelion

Dandelion may be a new platform, but we’re not new to the industry. Backed by Euronet’s 35 years of experience in electronic payments, money transfers, and compliance, Dandelion is the largest, most diverse cross-border payments platform, delivering real-time payments to bank accounts, mobile wallets, and cash pick-up locations.

“No one has really focused on effectively connecting all sides of the transaction – the entire end-to-end experience – with a real-time solution. That leaves a huge gap in the payments space,” said Michael J. Brown, Chairman and CEO of Euronet. “Most of the new entrants in the payments market focus on the interface and onboarding of end users. And they do a good job of it. But we set out to reimagine cross-border payments from end-to-end.That is where Dandelion fills the void in the cross-border payments world. Dandelion is the platform that financial players have needed to enable rapid global expansion and efficiently process cross-border transactions.”

For a look at the press release published by Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) announcing Dandelion's in November 2021 download the PDF using the button below.

Download Press Release PDF
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